alkaline water 

A Divine H2o

Welcome to the world of A Divine H2O, where we are committed to provide Natural Ionic Calcium Alkaline Water. We also have it available through our Los Angeles water delivery service which is available EVERY  Monday,Wednesday, and Friday from 10:00am till 5:00pm for more information contact us at (310)289-7800 (West Hollywood Location.) A Divine H2O Alkaline Water Los Angeles is unlike any water you have had before. The water goes through an extensive cleaning process  and then we infuse it with Bio Available Minerals for Proper Hydration. We have worked hard to bring you water that maintains a high pH status and is delicious to drink. We also offer Alkaline Coffee Los Angeles, so you are able to enjoy your favorite morning addition without the acid. 

Organic Juice Bar

What makes the Creations at our Organic Juice Bar in Los Angeles so Unique? Our menu is a magical creation that has been passed down from generation to generation and we are now sharing it here at A Divine H2O. A Divine H2O Organic Juice Bar Los Angeles has an array of cold pressed juices that you will only find at our locations. 

Full Body Detox

We are conscious about Cleaning the External Body but not the Internal Body. Detoxifying our body helps us to Eliminate Toxic Waste that accumulates over time. Rejuvenate your System with our Full Body Detox.

Oxygen Bar

On a Long Term Basis, OXYGEN flushes out impurities and Toxins out of the blood which are recognized as major factors in poor health. OXYGEN also has Anti - Inflammatory Benefits and Accelerates ones Healing Abilities. A Divine H2O Oxygen Bar Los Angeles has an extensive aroma menu specially selected to aid your needs. whether your need is to curb hunger, cure a hangover, get energy, or relieve stress, A Divine Oxygen Bar Los Angeles has what you need.