Why Use Divine H20’s Anti-Radiation Straws?

Want to do your bit for the environment by bidding farewell to plastic straws once and for all; but don’t know which reusable alternative is suitable for your needs? Well, you really need not look further than Divine H2O’s stylish and durable range of copper, silver, and metal anti-radiation straws! These are not only environment-friendly, but good for your health too.

The Problem With Plastic Straws

Using a plastic straw to sip your favorite smoothie or cocktail can prove to be extremely costly for the environment. Plastic takes longer than 200 years to decompose as it cannot be broken down by bacteria and the U.S. alone uses up to 500 million plastic straws every day. That is a lot of non-biodegradable waste!

The problem exacerbates when these plastic straws break down into minute particles and release toxic chemicals into the air, water, and soil. These get in our waterways, choking marine life, and eventually, the microparticles make their way into our food and drinking water.

Reducing your carbon footprint starts with minimizing the use of plastic straws. But there is no doubt that an alternative is necessary, especially for people living with disabilities and those who don’t have the required arm strength to lift their drinking glasses, such as seniors.

Moreover, we can’t really deny the fact that drinking beverages and sugary drinks using a straw can help protect your teeth from decay and lower chances of spillage. And then there is the case of hygiene — we don’t really know whether the glasses and soda cans in public places are clean enough! This is where anti-radiation straws from the house of Divine H20 come into the picture.’

Benefits Of Using Divine H20 Anti-Radiation Straws

As mentioned before, our straws are reusable. They look classy and elegant, unlike their cheap plastic counterparts. This environment-friendly substitute will last you for years and is perfect for a range of cocktails, smoothies, and other drinks. You can slip a few into your purse, bag, or pocket and never worry about being wasteful again! Available in a range of colors and materials such as copper, you will also be spoilt for choice.

Interestingly, some believe that cocktails, especially the famed Moscow Mule, taste richer when served in copper utensils and tasted with anti-radiation straws filters. It heightens tangy accents of lime and subdues the acid profiles of a lot of drinks. Moreover, copper is thought to have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, which is why many cultures around the world encourage water storage in copper utensils. It is also believed to work wonders for the digestive system and is effective in preventing ulcers and indigestion as well.

You are sure to grab a lot of attention with our range of peppy purple and magnificent multicolored purple straws. However, remember to clean your straws often if you want to get the most out of them!

Looking for reusable anti-radiation straws? Check out our amazing collection today!