Benefits of Rose Water

By Ciara Rae Clemens

My most recent "idée fixe" is rose water! It is multipurpose and so beneficial to our health in many ways! Here at A Divine H20 we use it in our beverages for those health benefits. You can drink it, cook with it, spray it all over yourself or pretty much whatever you can think of, rose water can only make it better! Here are some reasons why we love it and some tips on how to use it!

1. Your skin will thank you later!

It helps in the purification and cleansing of normal skin. Applying rose water on oily skin balances the oil contents and tones the skin. It calms redness, and moisturizes your skin. And if you are a makeup guru like myself, it is a great primer!

Tip: You can make your own rose water..and its very simple. Here is how to do it...

Step 1: Take a cup of dried rose petals and rinse any dirt residues.
Step 2: Place a bowl on the stove and fill it with 1 and a half cups of distilled water.
Step 3: Turn on the heat, and add in the rose petals.

Let it come to a boil, let it simmer for about 15 minutes, cool down, and VOILA! Rose Water!

2. Rose Water has many Healing Properties..

Rose water is a great substitute for healing rather than over the counter or prescription medications. It is great for inflamation, you can apply it to an inflamed area and even adding a teaspoon or so to a beverage like we do in our stores helps so much with inflamation. P.S. You can even use rose water as eye drops!

Tip: Rinse with rose water when you have a sore throat!

3. Rose Water can be used as a Relaxation form for Stress and Fatigue.

The smell of rose water is very calming but it also produces a relaxing effect, and improves mood in conditions of stress and depression. It also is relieving of headaches, applying a cold compress of rose water for approximately 45 minutes will help relieve your headache!

Tip: Add rose water to your bath water to enhance the relaxation and soothing factors.

There are even more benefits to rose water but I cant express how crazed I am with it and how helpful rose water actually is. If you cannot make your own or just dont have the time, you can find it at most markets.

Here is the rose water I spray on my face everyday and night or whenever I please. This is my favorite beauty product I own at the moment!

Mario Badescu 7$

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed and now go get yourself some rose water!

xx ciara