Divine Smoothies Perfect For The Summer Heat

By Jasmine Thompson

A Divine H2O

It is that time of year again Divine Babes when the sun is blazing and the water is calling your name. With all this summer fun we tend to forget to keep hydrated. So why not get hydrated and enjoy A Divine Smoothie made up of only the most deliciously unique ingredients? I mean is that even a question? Come on down to one of our three locations and check out our top 3 smoothies guaranteed to help you Beat the Summer Heat!


A Divine H2O

Sexy Blend is a yummy combo of fruity with a pinch of spice. She comes packing with all the essentials to keep you hydrated with a refreshing combination of rose water and coconut milk. Then we blend in the oh so tantalizing strawberry to the mix and a pinch of cayenne to keep things interesting. To finish it off we add your choice of date crystals, honey, or Stevia to get that peak of sweetness we all look for in a good smoothie. Sexy Blend is truly a refreshing breathe of fresh air, well when it comes to smoothies that is.



Ra's Potion, sounds so mystical doesn't it? What is Ra cooking up for me today? Well it seems Ra is only blending up the best for the Digestive Enzymes. We start with a good pineapple juice and coconut milk base. Hmm sound like the base of another yummy drink we know and love? Well you are right Ra's Potion tastes like a delicious Pina Colada with a twist. We mix in vanilla bean and ginger juice to start a party with your taste buds. Ending with a blend of our Alkaline ice.



Do you remember when you were a child and during those hot summers you would sit outside enjoying a mouthwatering orange creamsicle? What if I told you we can make the ultimate throwback moment without all those crazy calories and processed ingredients? Got your attention? Thought so. We blend a mixture of orange juice, rose water, vanilla bean, and Supreme Shen Drops. Then we add coconut, coconut, and oh I almost forgot coconut. Next we sprinkle in some Chia seeds for a fantastic dose of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. All this vitamin C and our Alkaline ice create a refreshing smoothie that is only destined for greatness. Oh Amazing and Protective Light please shine your lights down on me.


Is that a little drool I see at the corner of your mouth? No worries, come on over to A Divine H2O so we can whip up one of these delectable smoothie for you. Why not post a picture of your smoothie on your socials or write a nice review on yelp while your at it. Now doesn't this summer seem a little cooler already?