By Jasmine Thompson


Photobiomodulation. Photobiomodulation is a super science term for red light therapy. This practice has been widely known for anti-aging, hair loss prevention & regrowth, skin conditions, wound care, pain relief, and so much more. I see I have your attention now. Here is the best part, it is a 100% natural therapy with no side effects. I know what you are probably thinking and my answer to that is YES divine babes this beautiful piece of machinery definitely works! It's healing power has been approved by western traditional and eastern energy medicine, just in case you were wondering. Why are you trying to tease me A Divine H2O with this heavenly product if you don't have it? Welp that is were you are wrong divine babes because now A Divine H2O Brentwood has a red LED light therapy unit for your consumption. You're Welcome!

The unit is held above your face and then a visible red light penetrates your skin to a depth of about 8 to 10 mm. Once it is absorbed into your skin the light energy gets converted into cellular energy. The cellular energy stimulates your body's natural processes on a cellular level and kicking off the world series of metabolic events. Including but not limited to:

  • Increased lymph system activity
  • Stimulate issue granulation
  • Increased release of ATP, or raw cellular energy
  • Increased production of collagen and fibroblasts
  • Increased circulation and the formation of new capillaries
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increased phagocytosis, or cellular clean up


We all want to have ageless skin that can only be defined as perfection. There are also the group of us that have the youthful part down but with that sometimes comes blemishes and imperfections. Red light therapy targets a list of skin conditions while making you glow to the gods.

  • eczema
  • cold sores and herpes
  • acne
  • rosacea
  • everyday cuts, scrapes burns & bruises

Yas hunty you betta work it! And yes divine babes it sure does work. Now for those of you that want of to know about the bigger benefits that red light therapy provides just keep on reading.



NASA and the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital through extensive research found that red light therapy can indeed reduce symptoms of that cancer patients suffer. NASA tested whether high emissivity aluminiferous luminescent substrate (HEALS) could treat oral mucositis, common within cancer patients known to be very painful, caused by chemotherapy and radiation. After testing scientist came to the conclusion that over 96% of patients reported that the pain became more bearable after treatment.


Since red light therapy has been found to rebuild cartilage and stimulate collagen it is now being used to treat symptoms of arthritis. It is used as a short term treatment for pain relief and morning stiffness relief that RA patients suffer with. For those who do not suffer from RA, red light therapy helps with signs of tissue damage and degeneration due to the effects of aging. The two key aspects for improving ones joint and tissue health are cellular rejuvenation and increased blood flow due to red light therapy.


Red light therapy has gained a substantial amount of its popularity because of its ability to reverse signs of aging. A 2014 study Photomedicine and Laser Surgery found that red light therapy increased intradermal collagen and skin rejuvenation compared to other products that promote the same results. It was concluded that this form of therapy provided a "safe, non-ablative, non-thermal, atraumatic photobiomodulation treatment of skin tissue with high patient satisfaction rates.” In addition to that, those who were treated with the red light therapy system reported that they saw an improvement in skin complexion, skin tone, collagen density, texture/feeling, reduced skin roughness, reduced signs of wrinkles and fine lines. Another rewarding benefit that red light therapy provides is reverse hair loss. The therapy process stimulated hair follicles to induce hair growth.


It have been shown that red light therapy is naturally energizing and improves ones mood by increasing self confidence, positivity, social awareness, passion, laughter, sensory stimulation, and conversation skills. Through the lens of Eastern Medicine:

  • Red stimulates the first chakra due to its correlation with our survival instincts (hence why it gives us energy making one act quickly to motivate us to pursue things like money, food, sex, power, etc.).
  • Our bodies are a large energy system and light is a form of energy. Light has the power to stimulate specific meridian points and chakra zones in the human body.


Red light therapy is very beneficial and seems to be well tolerated but cannot be used to help all patients. It is to be cautioned to only use it in smaller dosages to receive better results and to be safer. Intrigued? I know I am? Come on down to A Divine H2O Brentwood and try out our new life changing system.