Heal Yourself With Special Chakra Oils

Say hello to the best version of yourself, alleviate stress, and feel energized throughout the day with chakra oil, formulated to balance your energy centers and harmonize your body, spirit, and mind.

What Are Chakras?

The idea of “chakras” is based on the notion that the tiniest of elements in the universe consists of energy, including our cells, bones, muscles, and organs. This energy flows throughout the body and has multiple names throughout cultures: qi, chi, prana, mana, and so on. The pervading belief is that problems in the flow of energy are the reason behind a lot of mental and physical health issues that we suffer from today.

Healing can begin by accessing our chakras, or the 7 main energy centers. A Sanskrit word, it means “wheel” and it finds mentions in ancient Hindu texts as old as 1,500 BCE.

Given that there are 7 different access points, each can be activated with chakra oils from Los Angeles specially designed to remove energy blockages, improve mood, and your overall sense of wellbeing. Here are the seven chakras:

Root Chakra – Located At The Base Of The Spine

When the chakra is balanced, one has a positive outlook towards life, does not suffer from lower back problems, and is able to maintain healthy relationships with loved ones.

Sacral Chakra – Two Inches Below The Navel

When the energy flow is maintained, the person excels at creative expression and is able to fulfill his or her emotional needs holistically.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Two Inches Above The Navel

Constant fatigue, diabetes, and ulcers might plague the individual when this chakra is out of harmony. On the other end of the spectrum, a balanced solar plexus chakra manifests itself through inner peace and calmness.

Heart Chakra – At The Center Of The Chest

The inability to accept oneself, or feeling that we are undeserving of love indicates that the heart chakra needs to be balanced. People with an enlightened heart chakra are fully connected with themselves and are able to love themselves and others passionately.

Throat Chakra – At The Hollow Of The Collar Bone

We feel energized to live freely and follow our dreams like a bird when our throat chakra is at ease. On the other hand, a blockage here might stop us from sharing our thoughts and ideas with others and lead to physical issues such as a sore throat, TMJ, thyroid problems, and so on.

Third Eye Chakra – Between The Eyes

When it is in harmony, we are more intuitive and our clarity of mind is exceptional. Using chakra oils from Los Angeles might be beneficial if you want to harness your untapped energies to heighten your intellectual and emotional awareness.

Crown Chakra – At The Top Of The Head

This bestows us with higher wisdom, spiritual strength, elevated consciousness, and makes us more centered towards our life’s purpose. Feelings of alienation, detachment, and extreme materialistic behavior might arise from an imbalance here.

Want to restore the balance in your body and enjoy a fulfilling life? Complement your daily meditative practices and relaxation-inducing activities with chakra oils from Los Angeles to bring in a positive shift in your energy centers today.