Now Featuring Alkaline Water Delivery


Delivery fee for all customers varies on mile radius.

  •  1- 3 Miles = 20$ delivery fee.
  •  4- 6 Miles 30$ delivery fee.
  •  Every extra 3 miles 10 dollars more.

 Important information

  •  Delivery fee for all customers varies on mile radius.
  •  (Please call 24 hours in advance for delivery)
  •  ***Minimum 3 containers for delivery***

First time alkaline water delivery information

  •  We have a first time usage fee which is 10$ per container
  •  15.00$ Per 5 gallon plastic container with or without valve , 5 gallon glass is available.
  •  12.00$ per 3 gallon plastic container , round or rectangle containers are available with or without valve .(ALKALINE WATER, REVERSE OSMOSIS)


  • Broken container fee is 40.00$
  • If container is very dirty we will charge 30.00$
  • Delivery containers are for delivery only please do not come into store to fill up water.
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